March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)
March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)

March Planner: Cute & Retro (7 pages)

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Spring in to fabulous with the most charming planner companion you've ever seen! Monthly, weekly, daily pages, daily journal, habit tracker, notes grid!

Savvy gal planning tip: Get a fun planner — make planning fun! This delightful printable companion is designed to infuse your March with joy, ease and gratitude. 
☘️ 🛳️  🎿 🏖️ 💚

This planner will help you …

  • Leverage one gorgeous, fun place to stay organized, prioritize tasks, manage your time efficiently
  • Journal about gratitude, write a daily affirmation, prioritize goals and keep track of the decadent things you do to take care of yourself
  • Develop stellar new habits to start spring off right
  • Plan ahead for traditional and quirky holidays

This whimsical, fun-filled planner has everything you need to keep track of the awesome March that’s just around the corner. Ready to dive in? Plan out your March before it passes you by

Although this was designed to be printable, you can use it on an iPad and flip through pages and duplicate pages as needed.

What’s included:

  • 1 dated March calendar grid
  • 1 undated weekly planner
  • 1 undated daily planner with spots for a schedule, dinner plans, priorities, to do list, notes and a water tracker
  • 1 undated journal page with fun and useful prompts for goals, affirmations, acts of kindness, accomplishments, and something decadent you do for yourself
  • 1 habit tracker
  • 1 dotted grid notes page
For more FAQs, click here.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

  • 7 page printable planner
  • 1 dated calendar grid
  • 1 undated weekly page
  • 1 undated daily page
  • 1 undated journal page
  • 1 undated habit page
  • 1 undated notes/dotted grid page
  • 1 charming cover

🪩 I designed this planner from scratch in InDesign (no generic Canva templateshere!).You’ll be captivated by the charming vintage-inspired fonts and vibrant graphics on each page (no ordinary Google fonts in sight!). Dive in to a world of fresh spring colors and charming characters.

🎨 I designed the center to be clean white for easy readability and to save on printer ink. Every page is thoughtfully themed, bringing joy to your planning experience. As an avid user myself, this planner embodies everything I want in a planner. If you’re seeking more joy in life (and who isn’t?), grab this planner today and add a dose of whimsy to your spring days.

  • Print out this PDF planner or
  • Use it as a digital planner on your tablet and use it with a stylus (iPad + Pencil)

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